what is the tetra pak packaging ?

Tetra pak is the inventor and inventor of affordable packaging in the packaging packaging industry. In this article, we have dealt with the history of Tetra pak packaging. We have also mentioned the use of Tetra pak packages in various industries.

History of Tetra pak:

In 1943, the Swedish doctor Dr. Roben Rausing invented a special package and introduced it to the world. With his invention, the largest amount of a food item was placed in the smallest volume of packaging. Shortly afterwards, the first

version of this packaging entered the market in a pyramidal shape under the tetra-classical bran..

In the same year, Dr. Roben Rausing, in collaboration with a number of his colleagues, began manufacturing Tetra pak packaging machines. After a few years, it was able to introduce the aseptic system to the market; With the help of aseptic packaging, the shelf life of food and other products was significantly increased; This means that it was possible to store food at room temperature for at least 6 months, which was a valuable event at the time.

Fifty years after Tetra pak was first introduced to the world, the Swedish company bought another company called Alfalaval. With the acquisition of this company, the activities of the parent company expanded and over the years, it added other types of packaging such as plastic and paper packaging to its product line.

What is Tetra Pak packaging?

Tetra pak originally means tetrahedral. At first, Dr. Roben Rausing’s products were four-sided, and later they introduced this type of packaging to the market under the name of Tetra pak, and from the first day, it did not enter the world of products and industries with such a name. Even octagonal packages are made today.

The primary tetra paks consisted of several layers of paper that were pressed together. These envelopes were first used to package milk in Sweden. The use of such clever packaging was very interesting in its time.

Later, various companies, imitating the Swedish company Tetra pak, produced and marketed this package; Like the German company PKL. One of the features of Tetra pak packaging is the long shelf life of its contents; For example, it is possible to store sterilized milk and similar dairy products for up to 4 months in this type of packaging; This means that there is no need for cooling and you can keep the product at a normal temperature.

The shelf life of milk and dairy products in Tetra pak packaging depends on the type of milk; If, as in the previous example, the milk is sterilized, it can be stored in the same package for a long time, but if the milk is pasteurized, its expiration date is the same as the milk in the bottle and it does not matter; That is, it can be stored for only a few days.



Number of layers in Tetra Pack

In general, 6 layers are used in making Tetra pak packaging, which are:

First layer: polyethylene, which is useful to prevent ambient moisture from entering the package.

Layer 2: Paper that helps make the packaging as strong as possible.

Third layer: Polyethylene, which is placed between a sheet of paper and aluminum to hold both layers firmly in place.

Layer 4: Aluminum that prevents oxygen and light from entering the package and flavoring its contents.

Fifth layer: Polyethylene, which is used to hold the previous layers tighter together.

Layer 6: Polyethylene, which plays an important role in maintaining the state of the contents inside the product.



Types of Tetra pak packaging

The types of Tetra pak packages can be summarized in several models:

Sterilized and long-lasting: This type of packaging is first heated and then cooled, and finally, placed in a sterile environment.

Tetrabrick: It is suitable for transporting and distributing refrigerators by pallets and has 4 types of baseline, midline, squashline and slimline.

Aseptic tetraclassic: Used to package liquid foods such as beverages, school meals, ketchup and desserts.

Tetraphino aseptic: It is suitable for packing milk with a method called UHT.

Tetra Prism Aseptic: An octagonal package for special drinks such as enough ice, milk, etc.

Tetra Ricard: Used for packaging sterilized products; Such as vegetables and ready meals.

Other forms of Tetra pak include Tetra Rex, Tetra Top, and Tetra Wedge Aseptic. There is also an octahedral package called the tetraprisma, which consists of 7 layers. Layers from inside to outside are:

2 layers of polyethylene adjacent to the product.



Two layers of paper cardboard

Polyethylene that is placed on the outside and close to the air.





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