Tetra pak packaging


Packaging is an interdisciplinary science that includes industrial design, graphics, printing and industrial engineering. In the field of packaging design, standards have been developed, many of which are related to

Military and logistics positions are provided by centers such as the US Navy and NAVSO.

Usually in the sales market, for each package can be considered tasks such as product maintenance, providing content information and identifying the packaged product.

Tetra pak packaging

Examples of packaging that is common in the field of food storage are samples known as Tetra Pak or Tetra Brik, which are multi-layer packaging for long-term storage of food.

They are used at ambient temperature. Due to the complete sealing of this type of packaging, the use of preservatives in the composition of food is not necessary, which is a great advantage for this type of packaging in terms of food industry.

Tetra pak packaging machine


Types of Tetra pak packaging

Tetrapack has a wide range of packaging systems. The variety of these packages has changed according to modern knowledge and includes envelope and plastic packages.

Types of Tetra pak packaging

Disinfected / durable packaging (aseptic)

Sufficient milk is available in communities that rely on agriculture. The problem arises when large communities are formed and milk is not consumed to the extent of production. Disinfected (durable) packaging was invented by Tetrapack in 1960.

Disinfected packaging is a type of packaging that quickly heats and cools the product in stages with ultra-high temperature and then enters sterile packaging in a sterile environment.

The heating operation takes a few seconds to ensure that the product maintains its quality. Aseptic packaging keeps the product fresh for a long time without the need for a refrigerator.

This package consists of 0.006 mm aluminum layer that protects the contents of the package from oxygen and light. Tetrapack aseptic packaging has been very successful since its invention in the late 1960s.


Tetra brik packaging

Tetra brik disinfected packaging is designed in the form of a rectangular brick and is transported in European pallets, which are produced in four different formats: Baseline, Midline, Squalline and Slimline.

Pasteurized milk and juice can be supplied in tetra brik packaging for cold storage. The basic technology for aseptic tetra brik is the same technology used in Tetra Classic Aseptic, Tetra prisma Aseptic, Tetra Wave Aseptic and Tetra Phenospeptic.


Tetra Classic Aseptic

Tetra Classic Aseptic is a good packaging for liquid foods, especially beverages, school meals, ice cream, ketchup and desserts.


Tetra Fino Aseptic

Tetra Fino Aseptic packaging is suitable for developing markets. This type of packaging is in the form of a bag without folding. Tetra Fino Aseptic packaging system is a convenient way to package and process milk by UHT method.


Tetra Prism septic

Tetraprisma Aseptic packaging is a unique envelope (cardboard) packaging that is designed in an octagonal shape with eight panels. This packaging is suitable for ice cream, enough ice, wine, milk, distilled beverages and juice.


Tetra Ricard

Tetraricard is a new cardboard packaging and food processing system that has a long shelf life.

Tetrapack is now ready to offer a new solution for packaging foods traditionally kept in cans or jars and pitchers, such as fruits, vegetables, ready-to-eat foods, using sterilized technology in containers or retorts. animal’s food.

Technically, Tetra Record can be considered a big step in technology, because it was not possible to “boil” a can before.


Tetra Rex:

The upper part of this package is sloping cardboard, which is first glued to the bottom of the package and closed, then filled, and finally, the upper part is glued and closed.

The fifth and sixth panels of this package protect the contents from contact with the edges of the raw paper.


Tetra Top:

This package includes a unique combination of cardboard and plastic body, which, while being stylish and classic, has curved and soft edges.

This type of packaging is hygienic and safe to carry, distribute and store easily for the manufacturer. The distinctive shape of this packaging on store shelves attracts people’s attention.


Tetra Wave Aseptic:

Tetra wax aseptic packaging using tetra break aseptic technology is reliable. The distinctive shape of this package makes it possible to achieve “product differentiation”.


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