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Part Sanat Arka Company was established in 2017 in order to supply equipment and main items from reputable brands and receive orders and supervise the construction and implementation of electrical panels based on the needs and orders of customers and training human resources at the international standard level.

The aim of this company is to support domestic industries against the influx of nameless and low quality equipment. Its purpose is to improve and stabilize the position of Iranian brands in the world market.

This is important with the use and participation of personnel with international experience and full knowledge of the legal requirements of global trade. In order to maintain and improve the quality of domestically produced products.

This company is ready to provide services required by industries, including participation in the design and implementation of the best projects. Providing the required equipment in the least time and cost, installation and implementation and training of personnel in line with the set goals.

This company helps the productivity of investors and industrial owners by planning and adding an educational part to its services according to customer needs by improving the level of knowledge and technical information of industrial employees.

Electrical panels required by industries such as dairy, food, etc. are produced by experienced technical experts using the best tools and ensuring quality and efficiency and obtaining the necessary approvals.

All types of electrical panels are offered without any restrictions in the choice of body material (stainless steel for food and dairy industries, aluminum, polycarbonate, fiberglass) using the best electric-electronics brands.

20 kV medium pressure panels
Weak pressure distribution boards
Control panels
M.C.C. boards
Measuring boards
Panel accessories
Control and protection panels of strong substations and power plants

Support and provide technical and engineering services, original spare parts and experienced service engineers that save your money and time.

They help and prevent the occurrence of irreparable damages caused by the use of counterfeit items.

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