Valuation of a patent:

A patent is a set of exclusive rights. which according to the law is given to applicants whose inventions are new and non-obvious and have non-commercial use. Businesses rely on innovation to keep pace with their competitors. One of the best ways to gain an advantage is to protect innovations with patents. The price of patent system is very high and it is for original products.

A business can protect itself from its competitors for a certain period of time.

Every business must include the value of its inventions during accounting.

When we talk about Alfa Laval products, we must describe our product in a way that is clear and basic for the customer.

The difference between original and fake products:

It is true that the prices of fake products are lower, but the irreparable damage caused by fake products in the industries, especially in the food industry, is very high.

Alfa Laval products

Innovation and new technologies as well as operation development and supply chain optimization are discussed.
R&D design and development Research & development
2.5 percent of Alfa Laval’s annual net profit is allocated to investment in research and development.

Alfa Laval company has more than 3700 patents in its portfolio.
It has a strategic and long-term view of technique and technical issues.
Clear and clear selection of the type of labels, logos, and writing fonts on the boxes, engraving of serial numbers on the packaging and pieces to prevent appearance similarity with non-original items.

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