What is curd?

Maybe many of you don’t know that curd is one of the dairy ingredients that can only be found in Iran. In fact, it can be said that like buttermilk made from yogurt, this product is a completely Iranian product

Curd is one of the by-products of milk, which is prepared by traditional methods of boiling, concentrating or drying the buttermilk that remains after buttering, or from fat-free yogurt. The primary ingredient of curd is sheep’s, goat’s, cow’s milk or a mixture of them. In the food industry, curd is produced by industrial processes and in the form of liquid curd directly from milk. Traditional liquid curds are produced by grinding and diluting dry curds, which are usually prepared in a non-pasteurized form.


Nutritional Value

Dairy products are a source of calcium, protein, vitamin A and B2. Since vitamin B2 and calcium are soluble in water and as the amount of water decreases, these 2 nutrients will decrease, and because vitamin A is also soluble in fat and curd does not contain fat, then the amount of this nutrient in curd will also be minimized. And what remains is protein, so those who are growing, have a high metabolism and have a weak immune system, it is better to include this food in their diet. It can be concluded that curd is a valuable food for children, teenagers, pregnant and lactating women, the elderly and athletes.

Amount of nutrients in 100 grams of curd

  • 15 to 21 grams of protein
  • Fat 3 to 11 grams
  • Carbohydrate 61 to 77 grams
    • 6 to 10 grams of water and salt

Types of curds

There are different types of curd, each of which can be different in terms of production method and appearance. In the following, we will introduce different types of this delicious and nutritious food.

Pasteurized  (liquid curd)

This type of curd has more moisture and water, and the percentage of nutrients and protein is higher. But the negative thing about liquid curd is that because it is liquid, it can absorb more pollution and germs and cause problems for the consumer’s health. For this reason, industrial liquid curds must be pasteurized and if they are prepared in the traditional way, they must be consumed in a short period of time in addition to observing hygiene during production. Also, to be more sure, you can boil the curd a little before consumption to remove any germs and contamination from it.


Cast iron or gray pot curd is prepared in South Khorasan, it has a dark color and is one of the food items consumed by the people of this region of Khorasan. This type of curd is obtained by boiling and concentrating buttermilk inside a cast iron pot, for this reason it is also known as cast iron curd. Gray curd is used to cook all kinds of local and non-local dishes and gives it a pleasant color and taste.


Yellow curd is also known by other names such as Zabeli yellow curd and Khavaf curd. This type of curd, which is in the form of a yellow powder, is used by the people of South Khorasan. The yellowness of this curd is caused by the addition of turmeric during its preparation process. The people of this area turn sheep’s milk or yogurt into curd and store it for winter. Yellow curd is generally used to prepare dishes such as boiled kale, harira with meat and harira without meat.


Dry curd belongs to the south of Iran and is powdery and dry. To prepare this type of curd, the curd is first pounded and then sieved. Usually, dry curd is soaked before consumption and then eaten with dates, eggplant and soup.


One of the characteristics of this type of curd is its freshness, salt-free and low-fat content. The consumption of this curd is common among the people of the southern regions of Iran and it is consumed together with dates. Due to the low fat content of laurel curd, it can be a good choice for people with high blood fat or who are overweight.


Soy curd is a new type of industrial curd obtained from soy protein. Considering the nutrients in soybeans, consumption of this type of curd can be effective for maintaining body health. Among the benefits of soybeans is its anti-cancer property, and due to the high protein in it, it can keep a person full for a long time. Soybean curd can be used like regular curds to prepare dishes such as eggplant curds, noodles and eggplant halim)Iranian food).



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