The value of alfalaval goods

In the following article, the exclusive rights and methods of preserving the value of the original product, such as special packaging, which, by using a special font and engraving the exclusive name and number on each product, can be a suitable solution to create a visual difference in order to help the buyer recognize the product. Be original and non-original.

Quality :

Quality is an issue that is not shown in the appearance of the product. This means that in the industry, it means perfect work and zero failure. This is done using original and suitable parts.

Unreadable fonts are not used in barcodes.

The appearance of proper packaging is done in the form of a fixed packaging standard. The appearance of the items is always made of 304 and 316 steel, transparent and not cloudy.

The damages of using non-original Alfaval parts are as follows:

Waste of time from leaking materials to each other
The dangers of leaking materials to each other
Reducing the useful life of the device in the best conditions
Increased costs due to device damage
Loss of warranty and Alfa Laval support






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