New Year 2023

 New Year :

The new year begins on January 1. This occasion is in the winter season. It is celebrated every year in the year in which the calendar is used. The New Year celebration is one of the biggest events in the world and is usually held on the night of the last day of the year (December 31 every year) in the continents of Europe, America, Australia, parts of the United States and Congress. In the New Year celebration, the moment of transfer or delivery of the year is considered at 12:00 pm and people make fireworks, sing songs, organize parties and cook special foods for this celebration.

What year is 2023 according to the solar calendar?

The year 2023 started from January 1401 and continues until January 1402.


The color of 2023

Every year before the beginning of the new year, the world authority Pantone announces the color of that year. Pantone is the name of a company that is a reliable and world-famous source in the field of color. The authority introduced the color Viva Magenta (fiery crimson red rose red) for 2023. This year, this color will be used more in the fashion industry, clothing, decoration, furniture and accessories.


How many days is the New Year holiday?

The New Year holiday starts seven days before the beginning of the New Year and at the same time as the Christmas Day celebration and continues until twelve days after that. This date in the Gregorian calendar starts from the 25th of December to the 5th of January and in the solar calendar from the 4th of January every year and ends on the 15th of January.


The difference between Christmas and New Year

The date of the Christmas celebration is different from the New Year celebration. These two celebrations are held seven days apart. Christmas celebration is held every year earlier than the New Year celebration and on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ, and it is considered one of the biggest Christian celebrations in the world. New Year’s celebration is celebrated on the first day of January to mark the beginning of the new year and seven days after the birth of Christ and Christmas. These celebrations in different countries are associated with different traditions and customs, each of which is rooted in the culture of the people of that country.

Outlook for global politics in 2023:

The most important issue in 2023 will still be the war in Ukraine. It seems that the war will continue in 2023.

The first quarter of 2023 will be very difficult for Europe. Because Europe, which is dependent on Russia for energy, will face difficult times in the coming winter.

2023 will also be an important year in terms of global power competition. The continuous competition between China and America will continue in the same way.

Of course, in 2023, from the economic point of view, its effects will continue. Events related to climate change are among the issues that should be considered as much as possible. For this reason, the international community should be more active in the fight against climate change.

Therefore, it can be said that the year (2023) is a difficult year waiting for us

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