Sports psychology And its subcategory

Sports psychology

In this article, we will talk about sports psychology and examine its benefits.

What is Sports Psychology?

A sports psychologist helps others deal with conflicting goals and choose the best ones. This discipline applies psychological principles so that athletes can witness their success. This allows athletes to maintain their training and focus on the exact details of their game.

sport psycology

Definition of sports psychology

This field is actually one of the types of psychology trends. It also includes a set of concepts including mental skills, performance improvement, goal setting, stubbornness to achieve the goal, psychological considerations in sports injuries and rehabilitation, counseling with athletes, talent assessment, follow-up training, self-confidence for success, youth sports, emotional self-regulation and… Includes.

Sports psychologists seek to identify elite and talented children and athletes, and help physically and mentally disabled athletes, elites, and ordinary athletes reach the peak of personal satisfaction in their field. They also help the athlete recover faster if he or she is mentally or physically injured.


Definition of sports psychology


The main sub-branches of sports psychology

The field of sports psychology has different sub-disciplines. Some psychologists in this field have studied in only one of these disciplines and others are researching in all these subjects. These sub-categories are divided into four main categories.

. Imagination

Includes visualizing a specific task, such as attending a sporting event or performing a skill.

 . Motivation

Motivation is an important subfield of sports psychology that focuses on both external and internal motivation. External motivations include awards, medals and fame, and internal motivations include motivation to succeed in a competition or pride after winning.


Includes skills needed to reduce distractions such as spectator noise, competitors’ attempts to distract, and focus on individual task

.Recovery after injury

It may not occur to anyone. But one of the main areas of activity of a sports psychologist is related to athletes’ injuries.

Research has shown that concentration and the use of psychological techniques have a tremendous impact on the recovery process of professional champions and athletes.


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What is the job of a sports psychologist?

The duties of a sports psychologist usually include advising athletes. These athletes can be high school students who have been selected at various events for a brighter future in sports, or they can be professional athletes.

Common areas for sports psychologists to consider are neutral advice about personal crises, performance issues, behavioral problems, mental responses to challenges and physical injuries, and other elements that may reduce a person’s performance.

In order for athletes to always be at the desired level of activity, they need to perform a variety of intervention exercises that have already been designed by sports psychologists. This should include mental strategies that help the athlete eliminate injuries and other disorders.

Counseling for coaches and managers on how to optimize teamwork and communication is another area that is often covered.


The importance of sports psychology and its efficiency

Sports psychology is one of the basic needs in the world of sports. Nowadays, mental fitness has become very important in performing sports activities. Whereas previously the importance of physical preparation was emphasized more.

Depression is one of the psychological factors that impairs the performance of athletes. Even in severe cases, it leads to leaving the sports field. In this situation, due to the effect of sports psychology on depression, we can hope to reduce the severity of the disease.


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