2020 Olympic uniforms

Ugly and beautiful unveiling of Tokyo Olympic costumes

Different countries participating in the 2020 Olympic Games unveiled the uniforms of their athletes for this competition.

According to ISNA, the unveiling ceremony of the uniforms of the athletes of each country in the Olympic Games, in addition to showing the identity of the country participating in the Games, in many cases is very important for athletes to wear it in the most important sporting event in the world.

With almost three months left until the start of the Summer Olympics, the costumes of the caravans of the participating countries will be unveiled, which has its own margins.

Unveiling margins of Russian clothing

Russia’s ban on participating in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics means that no sign of the country’s official anthem or flag should be seen at the Games. They do not have any international competition for two years. However, the unveiling ceremony of the convoy of the country for the Olympics, which competes under the name of “Russian Olympic Committee”, had its own sensitivity.

That is why the logo of the Russian Olympic Committee is engraved on the clothes. However, Russia is said to have circumvented the ban, and there are still signs of the Russian flag on the clothes, which Russian officials have rejected and defended.


Host games to remember the past

This choice is exactly the opposite of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, when athletes wore red coats and white pants. This time, they will wear white coats and red pants and skirts will be available to male and female athletes. To counteract the heat, overalls are generally designed to be easy to walk on and wear.

The uniform is the same for Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

The Japanese team uniform reflects the idea of “the realization of a coexisting society.” This is the first time in the history of the Olympics and Paralympics that both groups of athletes have the same uniform.


4F for Olympic nursery

Greek champion cyclist Christos Volikakis and swimmer Ki Arauzo traveled to Poland, where the “4F” sports company is based to unveil the Greek Olympic team uniform, making it one of the most historic countries in the Olympics. Unveiled the shape of his clothes for the games.



Canadians tried to provide the most fashionable clothes for athletes, which was widely reflected. The first dress from the right is for the opening ceremony, the central dress is for the closing ceremony and the left dress is for the medal distribution time.



With a clear, white look and spacious pockets, the costumes worn by the USA team at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics were unveiled by Ralph Lauren.

These costumes, along with the Olympic Village costumes, were designed by Ralph Lauren for American athletes.


South Korea

This is the unveiling of the official uniform of the South Korean convoy at the Tokyo Olympics, which was unveiled at the convoy training center of this country to attend the Games.



The unveiling of the Australian athletes’ uniforms for the upcoming Olympics was also well received by the people of Australia.



Giorgio Armani unveiled the clothes of the Italian convoy for the 2020 Olympics in Milan, Italy, in which the Italian flag is circular and is in front of the athlete’s clothes.



The Hungarians also recently unveiled their athletes’ uniforms for the Tokyo Olympics.



The Iranian convoy will participate in the Olympic parade without uniforms, the founders of which did not even want to unveil it anywhere other than the airport and on foot.


The ugliest?

The unveiling of the Kenyan convoy for the Olympics was accompanied by a lot of frustration and angered the people of this country.

Attempts have been made to use the beehive symbol on the shirts, but Kenyans find it very ugly and hope it will not be worn at the Olympics, and want to change it, which has not yet received a clear response from the Kenya Olympic Committee.


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