Corona and normal life thereafter until 2027

The Bloomberg News Agency estimates that the time to return to normal life after the Corona virus is around 2027.

However, according to the Corona Economic Information and Monitoring Center, Bloomberg News estimates that the global vaccination process will proceed at the current pace.

بعد از کورونا

Vaccination in different countries

In the last two months, about 124 million people around the world have been vaccinated against the corona virus.

But there is still a long way to go to achieve collective safety.

The time to return to normal life varies from country to country.

While in some countries, including the United Kingdom, it is estimated that normal life will return to normal in the coming months, in others, including China, the current rate of vaccination may return to normal for at least another five years

In the United States, at the current rate of more than 1,339,000 doses of vaccine per day for up to 11 months, collective safety will be achieved by vaccinating 75% of the population. New US President Joe Biden has a plan to vaccinate 100 million people in 100 days.

In Germany, at present, achieving collective safety will take at least three years.

In the UK, this safety will be achieved by the end of this year.

In some countries, including Belgium, it may take up to 4 years.

Turkey needs 3 years and China and Canada at the current rate of vaccination 5 years.

In Brazil, achieving this goal will take 4 years.



Corona vaccination on a global scale

Bloomberg estimates that at current speeds, it will take at least seven years for 75% of the world’s population to complete the vaccination.


As a result, the corona virus nightmare may last another seven years as a global pandemic.

While many rich countries have started vaccinations, there is still no prospect of vaccinations in many middle- and low-income countries.

On the other hand, the possible cause of the “virus mutation” has not been considered, and it is assumed that the vaccines produced for corona will continue to affect corona virus mutations in the future.


بعد از کورونا


The last word

Bloomberg calculations are based on current data.

If definitive treatment for the corona virus is discovered in the coming months, the pandemic is likely to subside much earlier than 7 years.


SOURCE : Corona Economic

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