Real or Fake

What is meant by fake or original?

In this crowded market today, from a variety of models and an unparalleled variety of goods of all sizes and genders, people are profiting and abusing the situation.

What they do is reverse engineering or building industrial and non-industrial devices and equipment, which are in great demand. They make a lot of money by making these devices with lower quality, and sometimes with different performance from the original version.

Real or Fake

For example, some industrial components must withstand high temperatures, or low temperatures. High quality material can have these resistances. However, the material copied from the original device version has a lower tolerance temperature range.

In general, we divide goods into two categories: original and fake.




1- Original goods

Goods are those that have a manufacturer or legal authority and produce the product individually or in bulk and provide it to the buyers of the union or the public. It can be said that all the rights related to its construction, testing and profit and loss are fully registered in the name of that brand. Each brand can patent its own product and lease or sell its points to other companies. Or produce its own product, and sell the product.
2- Fake goods

Fake goods are those goods that are completely similar in appearance to the original goods. However, the construction, quality and amount of consumables in them were lower than the standard, which is why:

A. If the seller buys such goods, and believes that they are genuine, it will ruin the buyer’s thoughts about that poor quality brand. Because the buyer does not know that the product is fake and attributes the low quality of the product to the brand.

B- Fake goods due to poor construction and use of low quality materials and of course cheap and economical, sometimes cause life, financial problems, etc. Sometimes they can not be compensated at all. It is even worth mentioning that sometimes by exporting or importing such goods, we throw away the country’s

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