Fake and genuine

The difference between the original product and genuine

You may not have heard of genuine before. But you probably understand the meaning of this word in the tools we use.

As mentioned in the previous post, the original goods are goods that are produced by the official owner of the goods. Someone who invented it or in any way, has well-known and famous innovations on that genre. On the other hand, it is the fake commodity that a sub-producer produces the commodity and sells under the original commodity name.

Despite the importance of the quality of parts and spare parts, the existence of counterfeit and non-standard parts in the country’s parts market has caused some consumers to buy such parts for various reasons and regardless of the consequences of their actions. In fact, the existence of unhealthy competition through the supply of low quality goods, disproportionate prices and illegal use of well-known brands, has distorted the mentality of consumers. Due to the special technical features of these products, the consumer either chooses the brand on the recommendation of the seller or buys from well-known and so-called original brands. But unfortunately, many people buy from unauthorized sellers due to lower prices and unrealistic advertisements.

Fake & Genuine

genuine goods are goods that are completely legal and under the supervision of the brand owner, but are produced separately.

These goods, unlike the original goods, are made and sold under the supervision of the brand owner, but in a place outside the factories of that brand.

In other words, in simple terms, all roadmaps, construction management, testing and even supply are reviewed by the owner. The difference is that these actions are not performed in the factories that own the license. Doing these things at a lower and more economical price is done by someone else.

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