Dairy brands in Iran

Dairy products are a group of products made from milk. We all consume dairy products in our daily meals. Due to the high consumption of this product, as well as the history of dairy consumption in Iran, we found it necessary to introduce a number of Iranian dairy brands in this article.


Domino dairy brand

Domino Company was established in 2011 by Mr. Faramarz Paydari who of course, before the establishment were one of the founders and activists in this field and have been working in this field for more than thirty years.


The equipment of this company is provided from Germany, Sweden and Denmark.


And the products of this company are in four categories: ice cream, milk, cream, cheese and dessert.



Brand Damdaran

Damdaran Dairy Products Company with an advertising slogan – from morning to evening with Damdaran – is one of the largest and most reputable dairy companies in Iran.


The work of this company started in 1984 with the production of milk and yogurt, followed by the production of dough, traditional ice cream, curd and butter, etc.


This holding is an independent group in the production of raw milk, production of dishes, and pasteurized and sterilized dairy products.




Kaleh Dairy Brand

Kaleh Dairy Brand was established in 1991 with the aim of improving and upgrading the food basket of the Iranian people.


Solico Holding, as an international company in the field of food industry, produces, distributes and sells dairy products in more than 10 countries.




Mihan Dairy Rand

This company was founded by Gholam Ali Solimani.


The products of this dairy brand, including cheese, butter, cream, etc., today the company has become a super brand in the food industry, because currently 20 types of ice cream and products are produced in the factories of this company.


The brand’s products are also exported to countries such as Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Pakistan, Oman, Qatar and Russia.



Ramak Dairy Brand

This company has been active in two fields of dairy and ice cream since 1995.


At present, this dairy brand produces 90 types of ice cream.


This company has been able to open a place in the minds of our people with the advertising slogan, Ramak, big and small friend.





Kalber Dairy Brand

The company started operating in 1994 by Mr. NayebZadeh and produces pasteurized milk, buttermilk and flavored milk and various juices in multi-layer packages, etc.


UF cheese production is one of the unique honors of this collection.


In addition to gaining public acclaim in the global arena, the company has succeeded in receiving numerous quality awards from supervisors.




Brand Haraz Dairy

This dairy brand was founded in 2007 in the city of Amol.


The products of this dairy brand are yogurt, cheese dough and…. And is the first producer of flavored yogurt in Iran.


The products of this dairy brand are exported to countries such as Iraq, Kuwait and Bahrain.


Flavored yogurts such as lip yogurt, borani yogurt, pumpkin yogurt, chili yogurt have been offered for the first time in Iran by this dairy brand.




Pakban Dairy Brand

Pakban Food Industries Group was established in 1977 and operated in the field of dairy and fruit juices in 1991.


At present, the company with a capacity of 50,000 tons of dairy products and 450 tons of fruit juices as a pioneer in the field of innovation in the quality packaging market, introduces and continues to operate.




Rozaneh dairy brand

Sahar dairy products brand was registered with the daily brand in 1994 and in 1998 entered the field of production of dairy products and juices.


The products of this company are cheese, sterile milk and juice. The first product of this company is cheese, which is known as the first production line of this type of cheese in the world.




Brand PAK dairy

This company was established in 1338 with the permission of the Ministry of Industry.


The remarkable points about this dairy brand are the increase in capacity, variety in the product.




Brand Chupan Dairy

Chupan dairy and ice cream industries started their activities in 1997 with milk production.


It is interesting to know that the largest chocolate ice cream has been registered by Guinness as the largest ice cream in the world by Chupan Dairy Products Company.


With this record, this company is considered as the largest ice cream producer in the world ((fifty kilograms, equivalent to 25,000 ordinary ice creams)).


The company’s advertising slogan, always fresh – always healthy, keeps the brand name alive.




Brand Pegah Dairy

The design of production and packaging of milk and dairy products was presented for the first time with the aim of improving nutrition and public health and developing the livestock industry in 1333.


The implementation of this plan was approved after the approval of the Ministry of Health and the UNICEF Institute, affiliated to the United Nations.


After the construction of the factory building, Iran Pasteurized Milk Factory with a daily capacity of 45 tons, was officially opened and put into operation in November 1336.


Since 2001, Iran Dairy Industries Company, by choosing the Pegah brand, has been marketing all its products with this brand.


Pegah Milk Industries Holding, as the largest dairy producer in the Middle East, has 29 production subsidiaries.

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