Ketogenic diet or Quito + (the place of dairy in it)

Ketogenic gym is one of the most effective diets for weight loss. Of course, this regimen is mostly used for light weight loss.

In this article, we will read about the relationship between dairy and this diet.




What is a ketogenic diet?

The keto or ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate, low-protein diet that is a very low-risk and highly effective option for weight loss in the short term.


The goal of this diet is to get more calories from protein and fat and to consume very few carbohydrates.


In the keto diet you eliminate most carbohydrates such as sugar, soft drinks, sweets and white bread.


Implementing this regime does not seem easy.


But studies show that those who follow its instructions exactly have achieved the desired result.



The pyramid of the ketogenic regime

This diet contains 75% of healthy fats, 20% of quality protein and only 5% of carbohydrates per serving.


Of course, it should be noted that these numbers are intended for normal weight, you should consult a doctor before starting this diet.




How does this regime work?

In a normal diet, the brain and muscles supply their fuel with glucose, which comes from carbohydrates.


If carbohydrates are not available, blood glucose levels will drop and the body will consider fat as fuel.


As glycogen stores are depleted, the body produces compounds called ketones from stored fats.


Excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugary foods causes insulin resistance in the body.


In this case, the body’s cells will not respond to insulin and will not be able to use blood sugar for metabolism.


The body will produce more insulin as a result of this process, as a result of which both blood insulin and blood sugar will rise.


This insulin resistance will be the prelude to type 2 diabetes and weight gain.


Studies have shown that a ketogenic diet has benefits such as reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes.




What foods should we eat?

We said that a ketogenic diet should contain a lot of healthy fats, such as natural oils.


Fats are an essential part of this diet because they provide you with energy and prevent weakness and fatigue.


In this diet, up to 80% of calories are provided by beneficial fats.


Meals in this diet should include starch-free vegetables.


The most important and available types of these vegetables are broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, green vegetables, asparagus, cucumber and squash.


Balanced amounts of high-protein foods such as meat, poultry, local eggs, pen extract, wild fish, and high-fat dairy products are examples of foods allowed in the ketogenic diet.



Dairy in this diet

Yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, is a high-protein food.


Despite carbohydrates, yogurt is used in a ketogenic diet.


Because every 150 grams of Greek yogurt has only 5 grams of carbohydrates and 11 grams of protein.


In addition, we must note that dairy products are high in natural sugars


This is why dairy products are limited in this diet.


This does not mean not consuming any dairy.


We can decide whether the consumption of any dairy product is harmful to the diet by examining the status and conditions of each dairy product.




How to consume dairy products?

If you have been on a diet once, you know that one of the serious harms to the weight loss process is the repetition of permitted foods in a diet.


That’s why it’s important to combine the foods allowed in each diet so that we can make fresh flavors and enjoy them.


The combination of Greek yogurt with a variety of vegetables, especially broccoli can be a very attractive combination for a light and useful dinner in this diet.


Of course, be careful that the combination of these substances does not eliminate the calculation of carbohydrates and fats allowed in your diet.


Another type of dairy product that can be consumed in a ketogenic diet is coconut milk.


This milk can be a very complete and attractive drink with any meal.


This milk can also help reduce appetite.



Concluding remarks

Finally, it should be noted that neither this diet nor any other diet can eliminate a large amount of excess body fat in a short time.


Otherwise, the diet can harm your health.

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