Corona and Tasua and Ashura 1400

According to the analytical news site of Contemporary Thought, with the arrival of the country in the fifth peak of Corona, the National Headquarters of Corona will apply Corona restrictions as it approaches Tasua and Ashura of Hosseini.


Corona restriction on the days of Tasua and Ashura

According to the fifth courier of Corona in the country, the Ministry of Health and the National Corona Headquarters decided to take measures to close all centers in Tehran for a few days in order to reduce the death rate and coronary heart disease. For this purpose, according to Raisi The spokesman of the Ministry of Health announced: From Monday, August 16 to the end of the working day on Saturday, August 20, all offices, guilds and banks will be closed, except for the essential jobs of group one, such as water and electricity, gas, police and emergency services.

Traffic is allowed between Tehran and Karaj

Col. Noorullah Khadem, the head of the Greater Tehran Road Police, said: “There is no traffic restriction between Karaj and Tehran, and cars can travel between these two provinces during the upcoming holidays.”

The traffic police chief of Greater Tehran continued: in the upcoming holidays, as in the past, Alborz and Tehran provinces have been seen as integrated and traffic is not prohibited in these provinces, but in other provinces, traffic bans will be implemented. At 12 noon tomorrow, Sunday, with the cooperation of provincial traffic police agents. Colonel Khadem emphasized: no traffic permit will be issued by the governorates and vehicle traffic will be prohibited between provinces and will lead to law enforcement. Due to the critical situation in the country in the field of corona, new corona restrictions were imposed in today’s meeting of the National Headquarters against Corona.



Details of the new inter-provincial corona ban

Alireza Raeisi on the sidelines of the meeting of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters on Corona restrictions stated: From 12 noon tomorrow, August 15, the inter-provincial traffic ban will be applied on all roads of the country except for exceptional cases such as ambulances and food trucks, and this ban will last until the end of the day. He added: “All the licenses that were previously issued for traffic will be revoked, people who violate and be fined, this fine will be doubled after a month.” : The amount of crimes related to violations has also been determined and in this regard, the prosecutor’s office, law enforcement and the Ministry of Health and guilds are required to monitor compliance with the protocols. He said about Muharram mourning: We will not have zinc these days.

Also, Hamidreza Goodarzi, Deputy Governor of Tehran for Security and Law Enforcement, said about the details of the restriction of corona traffic: “The full inter-provincial traffic ban will be enforced from 12 noon tomorrow, August 15, except in exceptional cases, such as emergency vehicles, and will continue until Saturday morning next week.” . He also announced a doubling of fines for non-payment to tighten controls. According to him, people who will be fined during this period; In case of non-payment, the fine will be doubled after one month. It was decided that mourning is forbidden in closed spaces and sectarianism is also forbidden.


Closing of entrances and exits of Tehran until September 26 due to corona

Issa Farhadi, the governor of Tehran, said: “This decree is necessary for us and therefore no license will be issued from tomorrow. Also, the licenses that were issued earlier and are related to the dates announced by the Krona headquarters, are invalid.” Emphasizing on the closure of all guilds and passages from Monday of this week (August 16) to Saturday of next week (August 20), he stated: Guilds and passages are definitely closed and no appeasement will take place. All one group of stores except supermarkets and chain stores (food) and fruit shops and butchers are 100% closed. Farhadi also announced the closure of all banks, financial institutions and companies until Saturday and said: Banks are officially closed until Saturday. We ask the dear people of Tehran to respect the recent resolution, which we are serious about implementing, and to refrain from unnecessary traffic.

In the end, he noted: the entry and exit of any vehicle except the mentioned cases will be prevented.


Source: Contemporary Thought

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