?!Dark Chocolate. Does it really affect weight loss

According to Mashreq, chocolate is one of the most popular foods, especially for children and middle-aged people.

Nutritionists recommend consuming dark chocolate from all chocolates in the world due to its many benefits, and this type of chocolate is recommended for weight loss and slimming, contrary to popular belief.

Chocolate is produced in different flavors, percentages and colors.

Each percentage of chocolate is produced with a different amount of sugar, which is why high percentages are not recommended for everyone, and it is better to consult with your doctor before consuming it.

Ways to lose weight

The most important secret of human health is to have an ideal and appropriate weight, but not at any cost.

Many obese people risk their physical health in order to lose weight or achieve an ideal physique by following the wrong and high-risk diets,

and may suffer from other diseases in addition to obesity, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. For example,

most people in the community completely eliminate rice and bread from their diet during their diet and eat other foods such as olive oil or dark chocolate frequently on a daily basis.

But in addition to the benefits, the consumption of these foods has the following disadvantages.

Kourosh Samadpour, a nutritionist and dietitian, said in an interview with a reporter of the clinic about weight loss: “Today, a large number of people go to nutritionists and dieticians to reduce excess body fat and achieve the desired weight.”

He added: “We, nutritionists and dieticians, recommend to people who want to lose weight to follow the example of proper nutrition and sports activities.

“Unfortunately, most patients who want to lose weight think that they can consume olive oil during the week or during the week.

because of its effective and beneficial benefits, but they should know that everything should be consumed as much as possible,” said the nutritionist. To be harmless to the human body.



Eat as much dark chocolate as possible

Regarding the benefits of dark chocolate in order to lose weight and achieve the desired weight, Samadpour said:

“Consumption of a small amount of dark chocolate is recommended for people due to its many antioxidant benefits, but high consumption will cause weight gain and excess fat cells in the body.” .

“Chocolates that contain pure cocoa, like dark chocolate, are good for the cardiovascular system,

but we must remember that sometimes consuming too much can turn the beneficial effects into harmful ones,” Samadpour concluded.

Narges Jozdani, a nutritionist and dietitian, said about consuming dark chocolate to reduce or eliminate fat cells:

“Chocolates that are consumed in order to lose weight must be 85% bitter and weigh 30 grams.”

She added: “According to various scientific studies by nutritionists and diet therapists,

fluoride in dark chocolate due to its antioxidant properties suppresses or reduces appetite.”

In the end, Jozdani said: research has shown; People who regularly consume 30 grams of dark chocolate per day above 85% have reduced energy and calorie intake compared to other people.


Source: Reporters Club

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