Hygiene literally means health and applying hygiene principles. In this area, we will make a brief reference to its application in the industry. Considering that the life and survival of the human race is very important, this importance will be realized in the shade of alignment with the recommended standards in this regard.

Here are some examples of these standards:

  • ISO 18184:2019, Textiles – Determination of antiviral activity of textile products is an important standard for manufacturers. Because it offers testing against certain viruses.
  • ISO 21702:2019 is related to the measurement of antiviral activity on plastic and other surfaces. Testing methods are effective if the products are resistant to certain viruses. Therefore, they are suitable for the market.
  • ISO 20743, Textiles – Determination of antibacterial activity of textile products, specifies quantitative test methods for the determination of antibacterial activity of all textile products, including fabrics, wool, yarn and materials for clothing, bedding, home furnishings and others.
  • ISO 22196, on the measurement of antibacterial activity in the case of plastics and other non-porous surfaces, allows manufacturers to evaluate the degree of antibacterial performance.
  • ISO 16890, Air filters for general ventilation, is divided into six parts and describes equipment, materials, specifications and procedures for testing the performance and efficiency of air filters in a consistent and meaningful manner.


Considering that one of the approaches of Part Sanat Arka Company is to supply equipment and parts in the food industry, including the dairy industry, therefore, the use of Hygienic and Aseptic equipment in accordance with the standard is inevitable to achieve a high-quality product desired by consumers.

Every day, a large amount of food, beverages, medicine and cosmetics are produced by the industry and go to the market. The quality of these materials has a direct impact on human health, and according to international laws (FDA and GMP), manufacturers are required to meet all the principles involved in the quality of food products and meet the quality standards required by regulatory organizations. Naturally, complying with the standards of hygienic precision instruments and having a healthy and quality final product in the long run will satisfy the customer’s needs in the best way and bring his satisfaction.

It is inevitable to use precision instruments such as pressure gauges, flow meters, thermometers, density meters, etc. in the food and pharmaceutical production line. But the measuring equipment used in the production lines of this industry must have a distinctive design and special features to prevent any reduction in the quality of the products caused by the said equipment in the production process, which we will mention a few examples of.

Features and specifications of hygienic instruments

  • All equipment components are easy to clean
  • Raw materials and manufactured products do not undergo chemical reaction and possible contamination in contact with the surfaces of measuring instruments
  • No microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) have entered the production line through the possible openings of the measuring equipment and are not capable of spreading.
  • The physical and chemical properties of food materials do not change during the process, and the nature of the produced food does not change, and toxic and harmful substances are not produced.


In order to comply with the above in measuring the physical quantities of the fluid (flow, pressure, temperature, etc.) in these industries, it is necessary to use equipment that uses materials that are in contact with the fluid (wetted parts) To be very durable and non-reactive (mainly Stainless Steel 316L and Stainless Steel 316Ti are used in these levels), these equipment will be made and used in the mentioned industries considering the relevant standards.

Hygienic standards include 3-A, DIN 11851, etc.


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