Nowruz 1403

Nowruz celebration

The celebration and ritual of Nowruz is one of the symbols of Iranian culture, which, despite the long time that has passed in its life, has remained intact and the values hidden in it have been transferred from one generation to another.

Nowruz comes in the Shahnameh with the same narration that has formality and is attributed to a king who succumbed to death despite his efforts to provide immortality in his Shahriari, that is, Jamshid.

Nowruz, as the oldest and best cultural symbol of Iran, is an acceptable and pleasant ritual for all Iranian minorities, and for this reason, in the category of cultural order, it can create a useful function in the direction of the closeness of Iranian peoples and national solidarity. Nowruz has been a celebration of nature, a celebration of creation, a celebration of the victory of light over darkness and the expansion of the foundations and elements of civilization.

Haji Firouz in Iranian culture

Haji Firouz is one of the oldest myths of folk culture, whose appearance every year promises the coming of spring and the end of winter. In historical texts, he is referred to by the titles of “Victorious”, “Blessed”, “Ash Afrooz”, “Khwaje Pirouz” and some sources have attributed it to the Sassanid era: from a few days before Nowruz, the royal gosans with Alam They used to visit the city for Eid and announce the arrival of Nowruz to the people with music and songs and take the cost of Eid from them.

The red color of the dress, pointed shoes, black face, bell ring, singing and dancing are the characteristics of Haji Firouz. In the historical sources, several reasons for his blackness have been mentioned. Another narration of the gypsies of Bahram Gore’s time says that they, like Haji Firouz, used to give good news, get good news, and spread rumors by dancing and singing near Bahar.

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