What is a fan coil?

What is a fan coil?

This device is a kind of multi-purpose converter that provides cold and heat of the environment. This device is a very powerful heat exchanger that turns into an efficient cooling converter with a fan. In cold seasons, this complex introduces warm air into the space and in cold seasons, it balances the ambient temperature by blowing cool air. The operating system of the fan coil is activated by moving hot and cold water into the coils and a proper air flow is created by using the fan. Normally, fan coils do not connect to the duct and allow air to enter the space directly.

Types of fan coils used in buildings

Types of fan coils

Fan Coil is less expensive and cost-effective than heating and cooling equipment compared to central heating systems, air conditioners and duct systems. Fan coil capacity is selected according to the size of the environment. The fan coil aeration system varies according to its type. This practical device can move the air upwards or forwards.

  • Ceiling fan coil
  • Channel fan coil
  • Ground fan coil

Advantages and disadvantages of fan coils

This device consists of two parts, coil and air blower fan. A chiller is usually used to circulate cold water inside the coil, and cool air is created by passing over the coil. To provide ambient heat in winter, hot water inside the coil, which is usually supplied from the package or engine room, also plays a role. Due to the dual heating and cooling settings in this device, many advantages can be considered for the fan coil.


Advantages of fan coils

  • This device is produced in a smaller volume and replaces the central equipment for heating and cooling. This way there is no need for too much space for old equipment.
  • There is no use of water cooler ducting in this system and only need plumbing and electricity. Building plumbing and building plumbing systems are much simpler to install fan coils than conventional plumbing.
  • The energy consumption of the fan coil is so high that you can easily turn off the ventilation system of unusable rooms. The fan coil makes it possible to adjust the air independently in any space.
  • Various ceiling, floor and wall fan coil systems have made it more efficient.


Disadvantages of fan coils

  • Fan coil system maintenance is slightly more specialized than all-air systems
  • In some cases, it is necessary to have a separate duct to ventilate the interior.


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