Industrial niches

Types of industrial niches

Nowadays, production and types of industrial niches for different uses to have a wide space and roof, has expanded. And their construction in various types of truss niches, UBM niches and shooting ranges in Iran has also become common at the same time as other countries.

For those who are not familiar with this field, the question may be what is a niches? In answering this question, it should be said that; Industrial niches and any other niches is a metal and modular structure for the construction of large spaces with sloping roofs and without the need for intermediate retainers, which is built by structural construction experts for use in various applications in accordance with accurate scientific and technical calculations.

Industrial niches

What is a niches?

The modularity of the structures means that for the construction of these structures, the members are repetitive in shape and form, which is the main structure behind their placement.

Simply put, a niches is a metal structure that, with its special features that make it suitable for a variety of industrial and non-industrial applications, has replaced concrete buildings in many cases, the most important feature of which can be He knew the speed of construction as well as their cost-effectiveness.

In order to provide another definition in order to get an answer to the question of what is a niches, it can be said that niches are wide and roofed spaces where most of their body is made up of metal skeletons, which reduces the amount of foundations to They have been used in them and in addition to significantly expanding their manufacturing speed, it creates a very high coherence against different loads for them.


The niches and everything about it:

A niches is actually a structure that is used to build industrial facilities and factories. The niches has different uses so that it can be used in a variety of factories, poultry, and livestock and so on. The weight and dimensions of the niches depend on its functional factor.

Characteristics and features of industrial sheds

 Characteristics of industrial niches

Silos are commonly used for large projects. This type of structure is a structure with a wide span and is made of steel. Nowadays, metal structures of niches have usually replaced concrete niches because they have better and more advantages. Self-made profiles are usually used in the construction of niches because they have wide beams and columns and their profiles are not available in the market.


Types of industrial niches

Silos are usually divided into several general forms:

Single opening niches

Industrial niches with two or more openings with

Common columns

Two-opening niches

Arched niches

Polygonal niches

Hangouts usually come in three forms, including truss, beam, and ubiquitous. Among these, truss niches are more widely used and better than other niches.


Industrial niches use

Structures that are used for indoor places. In general, whenever an enclosed environment is needed for a structure or project, steel structures made of steel are the first choice of individuals.

Silos are used for many purposes, especially large and large projects, due to their good structure. Silos are used in various places such as gyms, workshops and factories, halls and exhibitions and other places.



What is a niches?

Silos are covered places with special technical calculations. The niches are made of steel sheets and have a complex structure. In the structure of the niches, the expansion of the opening is very important and this issue makes this type of structure different from other structures. It is not possible to use the profiles available in the market to build the niches and it should be constructed because the dimensions of the beams and columns of the niches have made this possibility out of reach.


Use of industrial niches in industry

Silos are used in many cases because they have excellent features for a silo user. One of the salient features of the niches is the cheapness of the niches and their high strength compared to other structures. Also, the weight of the niches is usually less than concrete structures. Therefore, using a niches for a niches user can be very useful and optimal.

There are different types of niches, each of which has its own characteristics.

The most economical and high-quality type of niches are truss niches, because they have a lower weight, better resistance and also a lower price.



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