History of Rittal company

Rittal Company started its work in 1961 with the production of various electrical panels in Ritter Shausen, Germany, and over the years with the help of skilled and expert people and initiative in the production of panels and its accessories, to this day as the largest manufacturer Standard boards are known all over the world.

History of Rittal company

To the extent that today in most countries Rittal is recognized as a standard in the field of paintings and manufacturers in other countries such as China use the term “Rittal design” for their products.

Rittal Company

Expansion of Rittal Company

At present, Rittal factory has about seven thousand specialized workers in 20 production centers of this company and has more than 100 branches and agencies all over the world.

There are currently 20 delivery centers in Germany providing services such as sales and other customer needs.

Expansion of Rital Company


Rittal’s production boards have a great variety. For example, we can mention small panels (wall-mounted), standing panels, explosion-proof panels, special panels for industrial computers, control and control panels, EMC model panels, etc. In addition to producing panels, this company is also engaged in manufacturing all the equipment in the panels, such as industrial air conditioners, fans and filters, limit switches and many other necessary accessories. Since its founding in 1961, Rittal has consistently become a leader in providing global systems for enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure, and software and services.

Electrical panel of rittal company

Rittal now

Today, “Rittal – System”. Provides you with a fully compatible operating system. These innovative products combine innovative engineering solutions and global services for the most tailored different needs.

This complex includes complete industries from machine and factory engineering, automotive industry and information technology.

10,000 Rittal-Systems workforce produce and develop, and we never lose our responsibility to the environment and society.



Be on the path to becoming a market leader

1961 Standard Enclosure Invention: AE The first model of the Rital Foundation

1964 The first overseas Rittal agency (Netherlands)

1969 Production of the large RS chamber begins

1971 Rital becomes the first subsidiary of Sweden

1974 Friedholm Loh becomes CEO

1977 The company moves its headquarters to Herborn

1979 Other subsidiaries are established in Europe

1980 Expansion abroad

1982 Introduction of electricity distribution

1982 Establishment of a Rital subsidiary with its production site in the United States

1983 Introduction of Climate Control

1984 Production site in the UK

1985 Launches the new PS 4000 compartment market – becoming a global standard in just three years

1988 hits the future of the IT market with a new product line

1991 Start of partnership in the new German states, the delivery center in Bad Kostritz

1993 Beginning of expansion into Eastern Europe and Asia

1994 Certification for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

1997 Modern transport depot in Haiger

1999 Introduction of TS 8 platform

2004 New RimatriX5 system solution for data centers

2007 Launch of Rital International Service

2008 Consulting, products and services are combined in “Rital – System”. Based on TS 8 operating system

The 50th anniversary of TS 8 is a global standard with more than 7.7 million units in use 2011

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