2022 IRAN agrofood

Iran Agrofood 1401:

The 29th Iran Agrofood Exhibition was held after two years of Corona completion.

But it has been much weaker than in previous years.

In the past, it was seen in the exhibition of innovations and very reputable brands in the field of food industry parts and equipment

Which is no longer seen,

There were low quality Iranian, Chinese and counterfeit brands that did not have quality but were cheap.

In the field of food industry brands, a very limited number of famous brands from 570 domestic companies

Like Bijan, flowers, ……. And the rest were unknown and unrelated.


Overview of Iran Agrofood Exhibition:


The first food industry exhibition was held in 1994, the best period was held in 2007 and 2014.

That the advancement of technological knowledge and the exchange of information and fundamental advances in the field of machinery and packaging, etc. have been achieved.

Part of raising the level of awareness and knowledge of technology is holding the exhibition and the presence of participants and information exchange.

Over time, this became much less due to sanctions, and eventually disappeared altogether due to the corona

And in 1401, despite the destruction of the corona, a very weak exhibition was held without innovation.

Iran Agrofood 1401 exhibition was held in the presence of 570 domestic companies and 95 foreign companies from 17 countries in an area of ​​31,500 square meters in the international exhibition.


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