What are analog dairy products?

Analog dairy products:
One of the new achievements in the dairy industry is the production of analog dairy products.

Also, some people are allergic to lactose and do not digest it, analog products are used.

Dairy-like products are products similar to dairy products that are prepared by mixing individual compounds such as fats, proteins, water and edible acids with a mixture of emulsifying salts.

In fact, analog dairy products include a wide range of food products.

The rising cost of dairy products, the scarcity of products, the increasing desire of people for low-fat dairy products have all prompted producers to try to produce products that replace fat.

Some, like soy milk, are completely non-dairy and contain no dairy components.

Some of them also contain a high percentage of dairy components, but they also contain non-dairy compounds such as vegetable fats.

A variety of analog products

  1. Analog milk
  2. Analog milk powder
  3. Children’s food
  4. Sweet condensed milk and evaporated milk
  5. Analog whipped creams
  6. Enough analog coffee creams and bleaches
  7. Analog cheese
  8. Analog butter

Their advantages include the following:

  • Cost-effectiveness (reasonable price from the point of view of producer and consumer)
  • Simplicity of production
  • Variety in the production of dairy products
  • Replacing milk components with cheaper plant products
  • The presence of fatty acids and cholesterol
  • Reduce the amount or even the absence of lactose in some analog products
  • By changing the formulation and process conditions, a wide range of flavors, textures, etc. can be achieved that is in line with consumer tastes.

Disadvantages include the following:

  • – There is a psychological resistance to the use of imitation products and many consumers, despite the better price of these products and knowing their nutritional quality, look at these products as abnormal products.

Analog milk :

Analog milks are divided into three categories: drinking milks, flavored milks, and fermented milks.

Early analog milks were essentially prefabricated milks that had been replaced by odorless, colorless, and unrefined vegetable fat.

Analog whipped cream

Whipped creams are oil-in-water emulsions that are stable in storage conditions and easily form a stable foam by blowing and air intake.

Analog cheeses

According to the codex definition, analog cheeses are cheese-like products in which part or all of milk fat has been replaced by other fats. This product has had the most growth in becoming an analog product.

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