Surimi is a Japanese word and refers to a protein food item made from minced fish meat. Surimi in Japan and most of the world is considered as a famous seafood made from meat. Surimi is prepared and consumed from smaller fish or from what is a by-product of fishing.

Surimi income:

Alfa Laval technology allows companies that process marine products to earn more from each of their catches. Alfalawal company brings many advantages of new technology compared to traditional surimi production along with the use of practical experience and completion of such systems. Alfa Laval’s surimi solution allows seafood processing companies to turn fish fillets, or head and intestines, deboned fish meat and even lower quality fish remains into a more attractive and marketable product, and the resulting income Strengthen and increase the catch.

Alfa Laval offers original and new business opportunities for seafood processing companies in the field of adding surimi production to existing production activities or establishing special surimi production units with all the advantages of new technology. By adding the Alfa plus TM processing line, it is possible to achieve higher yields and more benefits from any catch.


Surimi from different types:

Alfa Laval’s new technology means that processing companies have the opportunity to process a wide range of different fish species into a marketable product and therefore have a profitable business opportunity. Alfa Laval decanters use centrifugal force, which many species, including oily fish and tuna, can be turned into and processed into an excellent surimi.


Benefits of surimi instead of powdered fish:

The production of alfalfa surimi can be created at the end of several types of common production lines used in fish processing factories. Therefore, this process makes it possible to prepare profitable surimi with a market price almost three times that of fish powder, otherwise, only a salable product is obtained after processing marine products.

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