Olive oil processing

Olive oil extraction:

It is the process of extracting the oil in the olive shaft, which is known as olive oil. Olive oil is produced in intermediate cells and stored in a special type of vacuole called “lipo”, meaning each cell contains tiny droplets of olive oil.

Olive oil extraction is the process of separating olive oil from other fruit contents (liquid plant extract and solids).

Physical tools can be used alone to perform this separation. For example, water and oil do not mix, so they are separated almost easily; This is different from other oils that are extracted with chemical solvents such as hexane.

The first operation of olive oil extraction is washing the olives, which is done in order to reduce pollution in the soil and can cause a special taste called soil taste.

Alfa-Laval quality and technology:

With 80 years of experience in Alfa-Laval olive oil extraction systems, Alfa-Oliver 500 is a continuous processing line that is independent of all the technical and technological methods used in industrial lines and offers customers maximum efficiency and reliability, and this is what Alfa- Laval can offer and present.

Optimal design for each component:

Alfa Oliver 500 can be understood as a high-tech extraction system for small producers who think big. Its systematic and simple engineering design allows it to be easily placed in any space.


Dry Washer:

The dry washer consists of a rotating roller that removes leaves, wet branches and soil from olives without using water. The dry washer is placed outside the frame and is equipped with a lifter and olive spiral conveyor.



Crushing/core machine:

The crushing/kerning machine intensifies the organoleptical properties of virgin olive oil. (Crusher/depitting machine) Olives can be crushed in a toothed disk crusher by using a system in which the rotating disk is placed in front of a fixed disk. It reduces the side of oxidation. In addition, if the machine is adjusted according to the required olive processing and yield, the texture and consistency of the chopped product can be adjusted. Alternatively, the pit is removed from the olive during crushing, which can improve the overall quality and result in a longer shelf life for the product.


Malaxer :

Malaxing is a key step in the process. Good malaxing means optimal oil extraction, good rates of anti-oxidation and taste. The mixers are double-walled and the tanks in which the dough is constantly stirred at a controlled temperature keep the foam, due to the special design of the foam, a high efficiency heat exchanger. Yes. Malaxing tank is divided into 2 separate sections, each of which has a capacity of 350 kilograms.

Decanter :

uvnx 904 decanter works in two phases. Variable pulleys can be set at different drill speeds. A system consists of a spiral conveyor belt and a mono pump that provides waste discharge.


Alfa oliver500 separator is the end of Alfa-Laval. It is the only small system that uses a vertical separator to clarify olive oil. that comes out of the decanter is collected in a stainless steel tank and is transferred to the separator by a mono pump.


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