What is the aseptic process?

Aseptic, which is called Aseptic in English, actually means disinfection, but in industry it is also referred to as product packaging. Aseptic increases the stability of a product.

The aseptic process is referred to as the process in which the packaged product does not need to be refrigerated. This process is used as a suitable substitute for freezing foods such as milk, yogurt, eggs, and so on.

Aseptic stages

The aseptic process has three initial stages.

  1. Thermal sterilization of the product
  2. Pack sterilization
  3. Maintain sterilization during packaging

Aseptic process storage tanks

Canned food packaging

Food packaging has always been one of the problems of mankind throughout history. The problem of preserving food and preventing food spoilage in wars and long journeys has been one of the most important human problems in ancient times. But today, thanks to advances in science, this problem has been solved. Canning food is the human solution today to solve this problem. Canning food can prevent food from spoiling for a very long time. Canned food has other benefits as well. Whenever a person needs food, he can use it quickly without the need for preparation.


Features of canned food packaging

The rate of spoilage of canned food due to chemical reactions was still high, and research continued to improve the quality of canned food packaging until the late nineteenth century. The quality of the canned food, the nutritional value, the taste and the color of the food were some of the things that were tried to improve. It was in the early twentieth century that instead of using heavy metal cans, aluminum cans were much lighter. used. Over time, the packaging of the ingredients became healthier and their consumption increased compared to foods that did not have proper packaging. In addition, it was safer to use packaged foods that were more hygienic.

Canned packaging

Product packaging goals

As you know, each product has a unique packaging depending on the type of product. For example, in some goods, the strength of the packaging is at the top, and in a series of other goods, the beauty and shape of the product is important. But in general, packaging goals include the following:

  1. physical protection
  2. Protective barrier
  3. Notices
  4. Marketing and trade
  5. Security

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