Methods of processing coffee from harvest time

Methods of processing coffee from harvest time

Before the coffee gets on the ship and leaves his hometown, actions are taken on it. These measures, known as wet milling, include all stages of coffee processing from the time of picking to dry palming and packaging for transportation.

For the best coffee ever made by man, the coffee bean must be separated from the cherry and its husk. This is done in two ways: normal or dry and wet or wet (wet) in most coffee producing countries and most of them use only one of these two methods, but some of these countries tend to Use a combination of the two methods, known as the semi-method.

Evolution of coffee beans

Conventional or dry processing method

This is how all parts of the coffee stay healthy. In this method, the coffee fruit is spread on large plates to dry and ripen if necessary. This process can take weeks, so they should be cared for and protected from mold and rot. When the coffee fruit is completely dry, the dry and wrinkled part should be removed to remove the coffee bean. Brazil is the cradle of this method, so that the cities of Sao Paolo and Cerrado process about 90% of their coffee with this method.

Conventional or dry processing method

Washed or wet processing method

In this method, the skin of all coffee fruits is peeled, which is mostly done by the machine, or their skin is cracked and separated under high water pressure. This can also be done by hand, but it is very time consuming, dirty and tedious.

Peeling of this fruit deals only with the soft skin of the fruit, but after that there is still a viscous membrane called lysab or mucilage. Separation of this membrane is done by special fermentation tanks. Most of the adhesion of this membrane is due to the presence of pectin and sugar in it. Inside these tanks, the pectin is broken down by certain enzymes and the grain becomes more acidic. The time of this process varies depending on factors such as the amount of coffee and the temperature.

Of course, this process is not only used to separate the coffee grounds, but also enhances the aroma and taste of the coffee, which, if done at the right time and in the right amount, gives the coffee a degree of acidity that is impossible in a conventional dry method. After this process, the coffee is sent to large plates for drying and it takes about a week.

Despite all the advantages of this method, there is still no guarantee of the quality of the coffee obtained. Fermentation is an unpredictable process and is highly dependent on single-celled animals in coffee and water.

Washed or wet processing method

Defective seeds

It is not uncommon for defective beans to be found in coffees. One of the worst of them is known as stinker, which has a very unpleasant taste and if it goes through the production process, it can easily destroy large amounts of roasted coffee.


In different countries and regions, there are many ways to do more processing. In Kenya, for example, the fermentation process takes place twice, and this is one of the reasons for the quality of Kenyan coffee.

The decision to use these two methods is of great economic importance to farmers. It is true that coffee is a wonderful product, but more processing requires large amounts of water, several large tanks and other special equipment. For this reason, the conventional or dry method of processing Robusta coffee is used to conserve resources and be cost-effective.


Natural coffee pulp

Natural coffee pulp is also known as Semi Washed, Semi Lavado and Honey processed. These titles do not explicitly describe a type of project and method of work, and as its name implies, it varies from region to region and country, but in general this method is between the dry and wet method. This method is both more cost-effective and less time consuming for coffee plantations. The result is a cup of coffee with a better concentration than the wet method, as well as cleaner and crispier beans than the beans obtained by the dry method.


Semi- wet processing method

The start of this processing is just like the wet method, and in the first stage, the shell and mantle of the coffee cherry are separated. Like the other method, coffee mucilage remains on the beans, but instead of going into the fermentation tanks to remove the mucilage, they are spread on large plates to dry. Of course, this method also has its problems because moisture is the best factor for spoilage or decay of coffee. Because mucilage sticks to the grain like glue in drying machines, the machine is not used for this purpose and the grains are spread on large plates to dry and may take about one to two weeks.

During this process, the farmer can decide to remove all or most of the coffee mucilage, which speeds up the process and also results in brighter green coffee beans with more methodical properties. Farmers usually use desalinators instead of water pressure to remove coffee mucilage. Of course, the criticism of this method is that some of the grain acidity may be lost.

The amount of mucilage remaining on the grain is very important because of its effect on the final properties of the coffee. For this reason, in this method, the coffee processing steps are classified according to the amount of grain mucilage. The highest amount of mucilage is called Black Honey, followed by a small amount of Red Honey and almost no Yellow Honey mucilage.

Costa Rica is the best example for the user of this method for their coffees.


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