Integrated electronic systems:

Integrated electronic systems:

The range of virtual services has taken new forms along with the increasing costs with the growth of threats and security risks.

Saving money in addition to benefiting from up-to-date technology in the Internet space is the desire of most users and economic activists. For example, the transfer of audio and multimedia content through the Internet these days; It is among the highest and most used applications.

Part Sanat Arka company in order to provide real services by understanding the needs of its partners who are the business supply activists by equipping its expert staff with knowledgeable engineers and introducing the necessary innovations in the fields of up-to-date technology The group (Aquila) is Nemoh.

This group has more than two decades of experience in the field of design and implementation in the field of integrated electronic systems, which has the task of maintaining security against unpredictable events and with development and updating in the implementation of:

Passive network / center / audio and video
Monitoring / protection systems
With resumes that can be presented and defended, we work alongside you and for your great goals.

Hand of man using ip phone with flying icon of voip services and people connection, voip and telecommunication concept

Heads of services:

Implementation of all technical works of the European standard class / certified by KAM Turkey and HUAWE China
Intelligentization of places and integration of systems
Setting up network and server room

VOIP device programming::

VOIP is an abbreviation of voice over internal protocol, it means to transmit audio content and multimedia content through the Internet. The way to use this process is quite similar to a normal phone, but the difference is that instead of wiring and using a phone service provider, an Internet connection is used.
Installation and commissioning of analog and digital CCTV cameras
Installation of monitoring room and cable video
Repair and reconstruction of dashboards

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