Homogenizer GEA

Introduction about Homogenizer:

Homogenizer is one of the laboratory equipment that is effective for homogenization of dairy materials such as milk, which is used for a dispersion of milk, which with the strong movement of the homogenization operation, the ingredients of the milk are transformed into fine and uniform transformation. With this, not only the quality of milk is maintained in the best possible state, but the possibility of entering the environment or the accumulation of bacteria can be reduced to zero.

GEA Niro Soavi is an Italian company that has been operating since 1881. which is one of the largest suppliers of systems and parts in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries in the world.

Among the manufactured products of this company is the homogenizer, in this article the specifications of the GEA Ariete series homogenizer are presented. It should be mentioned that you can know the price of GEA homogenizer by contacting us. Contact us to buy GEA homogenizer and to see the full profile of this product.

GEA Ariete series Homogenizer:

High pressure homogenizers are strong and reliable, effective in various industries.

GEA Ariete Homogenizer:

The GEA Ariete homogenizer has the largest capacity and the most used (80,000 liters per hour at 120 bar). This homogenizer covers the dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries with quality assurance.

With up to 1500 loads, suitable for CIP and SIP, Ariete machines can be supplied with all necessary customizations for easy integration into any process line, sanitary or aseptic. The wide range of available materials, low working speed and linear piston speed allow Ariete machines to perform best on abrasive and sticky products.

Features of GEA Homogenizer:

Easy maintenance of the homogenizer
Easy to use homogen
High efficiency homogenizer
Low maintenance cost of homogenizer
Low energy consumption of the homogenizer
Has pneumatic control and pressure warning

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