Red grape juice:

Red grape juice:

Natural drinks are among the most popular. One of the criteria for our selection is the taste and special properties of the drinks that nourish our body. Grape juice is one of the natural and popular drinks that has attracted a wide range of people.

Grape juice has many vitamins, including vitamin K, A, C and B6, as well as nutrients such as phenol and polyphenol and minerals such as manganese, calcium, magnesium and iron, which all meet the needs of our body.

In addition, grape juice is useful for increasing the strength of the body’s immune system and preventing premature aging. Red grape juice is another popular type of grape juice that prevents blood vessels from clogging. One of the causes of heart disease is thickening of the blood and blockage of the vessels. Consuming red grape juice is very useful for preventing these problems and improving heart function.

The properties of carbonated red grape juice are the same as natural red grape juice. The antioxidants in this drink prevent blood clotting in the veins.

Red grapes are rich in nutrients such as potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, folate, magnesium, selenium, vitamins A, K, C, and B6. Supporting the heart, increasing skin health, brain development, reducing knee pain, strengthening the immune system, improving kidney function, fighting neurological diseases and cancer are some of the properties of red grape juice.


Benefits of sparkling red grape juice


Consuming red grape juice helps a lot to prevent cancer. Grapes are rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, which slow down or stop cancer. Especially red grape juice, which, when consumed regularly, prevents many cancers such as: lung, mouth, pharynx, ovary, cervix, prostate, colon and pancreas.

Carbonated red grape juice for colds

When you work too much due to constant stress and fatigue, you may catch a cold. The main reason is the problems and weakness in the body’s immune system, which helps to strengthen the body’s immune system by consuming carbonated red grape juice.

Carbonated red grape juice for weight loss

Due to the presence of fat-burning enzymes, the carbonated red grape juice absorbs starch and sugar in our body, and this helps to lose weight. People who want to have a healthy diet.
Carbonated red grape juice should be included as one of the important parts of their diet. Adding sparkling red grape juice will make your diet more delicious and help you achieve your desired weight.


Promote better digestion by drinking sparkling red grape juice

Consuming carbonated red grape juice helps you to have a better digestion because they increase the flow of water in the stomach. As you can see, this drink has many benefits for the body. For this reason, red grape carbonated juice is considered one of the most popular drinks from the family of Pegah carbonated juices.

Red grape juice of Iran Milk Industry Company with the brand name “Radler” is one of the best types of natural grape juice. If you have little energy, this drink will help you to supply your lost energy.

Taste Pegah red grape carbonated juice so that you don’t forget the taste of a delicious and delicious drink.



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