Global Innovation Index

The Covid-19 crisis will affect innovation. However, since innovation is a key factor for corporate strategy and national economic growth strategies, it is hoped that innovation will not decline as much as the economy has collapsed.
Innovation funding is declining in the current crisis; However, there are hopes that venture capital will recover faster in some countries, including Singapore, Israel, China, Luxembourg, the United States, India and the United Kingdom.

The geographical landscape of world innovation is shifting; China, Vietnam, India and the Philippines are growing steadily.
Developing economies are also among the top countries in the pillars of innovation. In Southeast Asia, for example, Thailand ranks first in the world in research and development, and Malaysia ranks first in net exports of high-tech products.

The regional gap still exists; However, some economies have high innovation capacity. The Latin American and Caribbean regions experience the greatest imbalance.
Innovation in the field of science clusters and innovation is concentrated in high-income economies, plus China. The top 100 technology clusters are located in 26 countries, of which only six – Brazil, China, India, Iran, Turkey and Russia – are in the middle-income group, and the rest are in high-income economies.

Global Innovation Index



Global Innovation Index

  • The Global Innovation Index (GII) ranks the world’s economies each year based on their ability to innovate. This index consists of 7 pillars, 21 sections and 80 subsections, which are divided into two groups of input and output, and its purpose is to achieve multidimensional aspects of innovation.
  • In the 2020 Global Innovation Index, 131 economies were examined, with each country’s score ranging from zero to 100. A score of 100 indicates the best performance and a score of zero indicates the weakest performance.
    The input (input) components of the Global Innovation Index include: institutions, research and human capital, infrastructure, market complexity and business complexity, and the output (output) components of the Global Innovation Index are knowledge, technology and creativity.

Top 3 economies in innovation by region

In North America, the United States has the best performance in the 2020 Innovation Index. In Latin America; Chile, in Europe; Switzerland, in East and Southeast Asia and Oceania; Singapore, North Africa and West Asia; Israel, in sub-Saharan Africa; South Africa and Mauritius and in Central and South Asia; India also has the highest score in this index. Iran is the second country in Central and South Asia that has a better performance compared to other countries.

Top economies in innovation

Iran’s position in the Global Innovation Index

In 2020, Iran is ranked 67th in the global innovation index, which is 6 steps lower than in 2019. Iran’s score in the 2020 Global Innovation Index; 89.30, in the 2019 Global Innovation Index; 43.34 and in the Global Innovation Index 2018; It was 44.34.

In general, Iran has performed better in the outputs of innovation than the inputs of innovation. In 2020, in total, Iran’s innovation inputs are ranked 90th and in innovation outputs, it is ranked 50th. In 2019, Iran ranked 86th and 47th in the two pillars, respectively. Among the 37 economies with above-average incomes, Iran ranks 19th and among the top 10 economies in South and Central Asia, Has won the second place.


Iran’s score in 7 pillars of the Global Innovation Index

Top 10 countries in South and Central Asia with high middle income Iran Institutions Research and human capital Infrastructure to market complexity Business complexity, knowledge and technology output, creative output of Iran’s global innovation index in four pillars: research and human capital, infrastructure, knowledge output And technology and creative output have a higher score than the average of high- and middle-income countries. However, in three pillars: institutions, knowledge and technology output and creative output has scored less points.

author : Fooroogh karimi amir kiasar

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