Danfoss History


The history of Danfoss dates back to September 1, 1933, when Madsen founded Danfoss at his parents’ farm in Nordburg, Denmark.

Since then, the business (Danfoss) has grown from a sole proprietorship to one of the world leaders in efficient and innovative solutions, hiring more than 22,000 employees and sales in more than 100 countries.

Danfoss History

Gaining a foothold in emerging markets and a clear focus on innovative products for customers is part of the reason for this success. Danfoss was so strong that it gained a worldwide reputation. The company was exported to other European countries in early 1939. In 1949, Danfoss established its first foreign company.

Danfoss History

Danfoss was founded in the United States and Germany in the 1950s. Danfoss developed dramatically in the 1990s and began working with industrial plants and large Chinese and Russian companies.

Today, these countries are Danfoss’s largest markets. The global market has been the cornerstone of Danfoss before anyone even talked about globalization, bringing the company to a strong international position. Danfoss was one of the first to emerge in large markets and worked purposefully to build good relationships with customers and business partners.

Danfoss history

Danfoss is rightly dedicated to Caluzen fashion inventions to develop innovative products that meet the needs of today and tomorrow. However, it started with the use of an expansion valve to adjust refrigeration systems and continued with one of the world’s first radiator thermostats to regulate heat and the world’s first mass-produced frequency converter to control the speed of electric motors.

Today, Danfoss has nearly 50 different product lines and invests about 4% of its net sales in new and innovative products that can save a lot of energy and CO2 in the world.

Danfoss underwent major changes and improvements in its products in the 70’s. In this decade, frequency controllers , which are the basic versions of today’s industrial drives and inverters, were designed and manufactured. Also in this decade, Danfoss won the IF 75 award for its ORT engine.

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