1401 Happy New Year

  Happy New Year:
1401 Happy beginning of the new century

 Delivery date 1401:

As you know, one of the biggest events of the year in Persian-speaking countries is Nowruz. Of course, this great event also happens in Turkish-speaking countries such as Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. This great holiday is the oldest  ancient Iranian tradition.

 Nowruz is the first day of the Iranian solar year, equal to the 1st of Farvardin, which is considered as the celebration of the beginning of the Iranian New Year and one of the oldest celebrations left from ancient Iran.

 Sunday, March 20 is 19:03.




    Med 1401 year:

 Every year has a symbol in every calendar and the solar calendar is no exception to this rule.

 The year 1401 is a symbol of the tiger.

The tiger is a symbol of fearlessness, courage and fearlessness, and it acts in a hurry in its love and daily life. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not just follow him in all matters.


The beginning of a new century:

The year 1401 is the 1400th year in the solar calendar and the beginning of the year of the 15th century, and it begins on the first Monday of Farvardin 1401

The end of the fourteenth century (end of 1400) and the beginning of the fifteenth century AH (beginning of 1401)

– In philosophy, quantity is divided into connected and separate, and time is considered as a connected quantity in which there is continuity. As soon as you start, you have entered the first stage of the time quantity, and if you do not complete it, you have gained a part of it, and when you reach unit one, this is the culmination and completion of one, and you have entered the second unit from the next moment

The first year of emigration does not mean that it has no beginning, but the event of emigration is considered as a basic phenomenon, and when one year has passed, one year has been completed and you have entered the second year. When 99 years are over and 100 has come, a hundred indicates the completion of the number one hundred, not the beginning. From every day after the centenary, you are in the century after the hundred, and so is the beginning of the 1400th century, and every moment you enter the next century, the 15th century

Is 1401 a leap year:

Usually every 4 years there is a leap year, but there are also 5 year leaps in the solar Hijri calendar. The length of leap years is 366 days and March is 30 days in these years. The year 1401 is not a leap year and March has 29 days

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