Single Seat Valve

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Temperature range-10°Cto+140°C(EPDM)
Max. product pressure1000 kPa (10 bar)
Min. product pressureFull vacuum
Air pressure500 to 700 kPa (5 to 7 bar)

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protectionfull vacuum due to the double lip seal

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Unique SSV Standard

Introduction :

Unique SSV Standard is a versatile, reliable pneumatic single seat valve with a single contact surface between the plug and the seat to minimize the risk of contamination.Its compact, modular and hygienic design meets the highest process demands in terms of hygiene and safety. It is built on the well-proven Alfa Laval Unique SSV platform. Few moving parts ensure easy maintenance, high reliability and low total cost of ownership. A wide range of optional features enables customization to specific process requirements.

single seat valve(shut off)

Application :

This Unique SSV Standard is designed for use in a broad range of hygienic applications across the dairy, food, beverage, brewery and many other industries.

single seat valve (change over & shut off valve )

Benefits :

Exceptional valve hygiene and durability

Superior cleanability – smooth inner valve body without crevices

Extended seal life due to the defined seal compression

Enhanced product safety due to the static seal leak detection

Protection against full vacuum due to the double lip seal

Standard design:

The Unique SSV Standard is available in a one- or two-body configuration, with easy-to-configure valve bodies, plugs, actuator and clamp rings. The valve can be configured as a shutoff valve with two working ports or as a changeover valve with up to five ports.To ensure flexibility, the valve seat that sits between the two bodies in the changeover version is provided for assembly. The valve seals are optimized for durability and long service life through a defined compression design. The actuator is connected to the valve body using a yoke, and all components are assembled with clamp rings.The valve can also befitted with the Alfa Laval Think Top V50 and V70for sensing and control of the valve.Using the Alfa Laval Anytime configurator, it is easy to customize to meet virtually any process requirement.

Working principle :

The Alfa Laval Unique SSV Standard is operated by means of compressed air from a remote location. The actuator smooths operation and protects process lines against pressure peaks, while directing or diverting fluids. The valve can be controlled using an AlfaLaval ThinkTop®.

Actuator function :

– Pneumatic downward movement, spring return.

– Pneumatic upward movement, spring return.

– Pneumatic upward and downward movement (A/A).

Valve Body Combinations :

valve body combination

Resource : Alfa Laval

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